“…as riveting as it is raw…”
– Publishers Weekly

“Powerful…engrossing…meaningful and relevant. McCall’s poetic prose has a ‘Fight Club’ quality… with suspenseful vignettes building toward anarchy… Unique and illuminating. Think ‘Donny Brasco’-meets-‘Fight Club’-meets-‘Traffic’.”
– Don Morgan, Phoenix Pictures; “6th Man”; “A Thin Red Line”

“An immense and breathtaking research… McCall is a legend.”
– Neheda Barakat, Award-Winning Documentary Producer, TV Bureau Chief & Executive Producer, Journalist; BBC; ABC-TV/Australia; U.N.; U.S. Dept. of State

“A movie-ready narrative. …an inspiring…love letter. Accessible for all readers. …a natural for the big screen.”
– Kirkus Reviews (Starred Review)

“Rich and detailed… visual and in your face. I really love this book.”
– William “Billy” Finkelstein, Producer, Emmy Award-Winning Writer; “Law & Order”; “The Good Fight”; “Brooklyn South”; “NYPD Blue”; “L.A. Law”; “Murder One”

“…‘dirty realism’ [takes] the readers to gritty places and slices of life. …described unflinchingly. …a rich but clean writing style. …unanticipated personal descent into darkness. …any reader would be amazed at what [McCall was] able to accomplish without getting killed… took some guts and naïveté…”
– Dr. Wilbur J. Scott, Ph.D., Professor; US Air Force Academy, Dept. of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership

“This is a great story. It’ll make a great movie.”
David O. Sacks, Co-Founder and former Chief Operating Officer of PayPal

“An amazing story. Good book.”
– F. Gary Gray, Director; “The Negotiator”; “The Italian Job”; “The Fate Of The Furious”; “Straight Outta Compton”

“Utterly incredible. …a fascinating story. …a great writer.”
– Susan Bymel, Founding Partner, Talent Entertainment Group; Founding Partner, Management 360; Producer, “Game of Thrones”

“A great read and thrilling ride! …a tale of dogged human aspiration, invention and the capacity to believe in the impossible. …This book is a testament to what people can achieve if their will never falters.”
– Rachel Boynton, Emmy and Tribeca Film Festival-nominated, Edward R. Murrow Award-winning Director; “Our Brand is Crisis”; “P.O.V.”; “Big Men” (Executive Produced by Brad Pitt)

“McCall has more than a ‘way with words’. His powerful writing abilities sculpt the reader’s viewpoint, bringing worlds to life. Provocative, meaningful, the real nitty-gritty. …bridges the gap between fact and fiction and provides an entertaining narrative that leaves you wanting more.”
– Erin Margolis, Cybersecurity, Virtual Reality, Computer/ Tactical Games Designer/ Instructor; Intel; THQ; Disney; Princeton; Harvard iD Tech; NSA; CISA

“Riveting… disturbing… thought provoking. …a monumental achievement. A must-read… rousing, inspirational, exciting story.. …you won’t be able to put down or forget.”
– Charles Holland, J.D., Writer-Producer; “J.A.G.”; “Murder One”; “Soul Food”; “Profiler”

“…[McCall’s] story is the ‘APOCALYPSE NOW’ of the American inner city ghetto.”
– Jonathan Krauss, Illusion Entertainment; “JFK”; Co-Producer, “Any Given Sunday”

“…gripping and dark… subtle and engaging…”
– Andrea McCall, V.P.; DreamWorks SKG

“McCall has an unusual ability… His perspective, insight and experience are priceless…”
– Kenneth Ulmer, Ph.D., Author; past-President, King’s University, Los Angeles; Adjunct, Magdalene College, Oxford University, UK

“This book is kick ass–I loved it.”
– W. Peter Iliff, Writer; “Patriot Games”; “Point Break”; “Under Suspicion”; “Rites of Passage”

Great book! Well written.”
James Elroy, FBI Special Agent (retired; investigator of some of the most infamous cases of the 20th and 21st centuries)

“Gritty…a true triumph… McCall pries up the corner beneath the polite media hum…gives us a good look at the dark subconscious of our society.”
– George Geiger, Writer-Producer; “Profiler”; “Miami Vice”; “Hunter”

“McCall is f**king prolific. Turns out he’s a fantastic writer, too.
– Stewart Burnside, Production Designer/Art Director; “Flatland”; “Roar”; “Nightmares & Dreams: Stories of Stephen King”; “Sahara”

“…reminds us that our capacity to do good as individuals is matched only by our ability to do evil as a group. …McCall is masterful.”
– Orlando Jones, Actor; “Time Machine”; “Double Take”; “The Replacements”; “Magnolia”

“Poignant…a powerfully important work with implications for every major city the world over.”
– Carol Wightman, Senior Producer; BBC Scotland

“…a great book. …powerful.”
– Frank Yablans, President, Paramount Pictures, MGM/UA; Writer-Producer, “North Dallas 40”; “Mommy Dearest”

“…a very talented writer and ghostwriter and skilled storyteller… [McCall has] a long and successful career in the entertainment industry, and has worked with some of the biggest names in Hollywood. …I am particularly impressed by McCall’s ability to tell stories that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. …does a great job of bringing the characters and events to life. …a knack for writing about complex issues in a way that is both engaging and accessible. …McCall is a valuable asset to the entertainment industry, and has made a significant contribution to the world of literature.”
– “Gemini”; Google’s A.I.

“Feels like ‘Homeland’-meets-‘Yellowstone’… a political scenario that seems frighteningly real. …draws you in and keeps you transfixed. …McCall paints rich, compelling word pictures. …a maddening cliffhanger.”
– Shane Baéz, President, CAM Artistic Management, Los Angeles

“Wow, what a ride—one we can all learn from. …a gruesome reality…”
– Julia Rogers, Writer; Reporter, KABC News, Los Angeles

“McCall…truly an amazing writer.”
– Susan Solomon, Producer; “CSI: Crime Scene Investigators”/CBS

“An amazing, incredible story.”
– Bob Beckel, “Larry King Live”; CNN

“An astounding book. …I really loved it.”
– Marla Ginsburg, Producer; “La Femme Nikita”; “Highlander”

“Awesome…simply incredible. McCall is one of the best writers in America today. Definitely Pulitzer material.”
– Cindy Bond, President, Mission Pictures; “I Can Only Imagine”; “Omega Code”; “Extreme Days”

“McCall’s experience, his writing, the whole thing—excellent, amazing.”
– Stacy Peralta, Director-Writer; “Riding Giants”; “Dog Town And Z Boys”

“This is great stuff. McCall can f**king write.”
– Steve Feke, Writer-Producer; “When A Stranger Calls”; “Profiler”; “Beastmaster”; “Sins of the City”

“McCall’s writing is very good… reminiscent of Hunter S. Thompson’s.”
– Colin Coleman, Former CEO, Goldman Sachs/Sub-Saharan Africa

“I love this story of triumph against all odds. Lots of highs and lows. …[a] reminder of the horror unleashed onto the Palestinians. …Well done, McCall!”
– Neheda Barakat, Award-Winning Documentary Producer, TV Bureau Chief & Executive Producer, Journalist; BBC; ABC-TV/Australia; U.N.; U.S. Dept. of State

“McCall’s writing is sick. …He’s a nice guy, too.”
– Stephen Belafonte, Producer; “Never Die Alone”; “Thank You For Smoking”; “Mutant Chronicles”

“McCall is a phenomenal writer. …I love his energy… I’m blown away that as a ghostwriter he can write in a woman’s voice too.”
– Forbes Riley, Ph.D, National Fitness Hall of Fame; one of the “Top 20 Most inspiring People on Television”

“An incredible account. Well done.”
– Tom Morton, “The Tom Morton Show”; BBC Radio Scotland, U.K.

“…Superb. …an elevated perspective of the human condition. …masterfully portrays events [with] a skill most writers only dream of.”
– Rick Pruett, 3-Time USA Track & Field National Champion

“…beautifully written. …[McCall took] hair-raising risks to inform the rest of us about the inner world of the gangbangers …exactly what I wish I had known before I stepped into the urban public school as an experiment to learn about teaching urban adolescents.”
– Professor Lisa Carey DeLorenzo, Author; Montclair State Univ.; Mandela Award Recipient

“…a remarkable and triumphant story—and an effective counter-narrative to so much prevailing anti-immigrant sentiment.”
– Jessica Papin, Literary Agent; Dystel, Goderich & Bourret, New York

“Very powerful! …speaks to the problem of evil—why do bad things happen to good people? …speaks to faith—where is God in times of trouble? …speaks to the challenges of family relationships—what is a son to do when his father tells him that his dreams are foolish, or his heart is misguided when falling in love? …beautiful story.”
– Reverend Monsignor Timothy P. Cronin, St. Clement of Rome Church

“The best ghostwriter in the whole world. …a magnificent work.”
– George Yaw Owusu, Author; Philanthropist; Order of Volta recipient, Ghana

“…powerful and disturbing… a harrowing and unforgettable read. …provides a glimpse into a world that many people never see. …well-researched. …clear and engaging. McCall did a lot of work to understand the history and culture of [the inner city], and he brings this knowledge to bear in his writing. …the characters and events come alive. …thought-provoking. …a call for change …a powerful and important book that will stay with you long after you finish reading it.”
– “Gemini”; Google’s A.I.

1) “McCall immerses himself completely in his books. His passion and dedication combine with his visual literary skills to produce an immersive story that grabs you and doesn’t let go. …I literally couldn’t put it down.” And:
2) “McCall’s screenplay [adaptation of the book] is INCREDIBLE. The imagery was vivid and emotional. …felt like I was right there the whole time. …[almost] better than the book.”
– Bassam Hadi, M.D., Neurosurgeon; Chief of Dept.

This story is really well crafted. Kind of an unusual approach. Very engaging and nicely written. …an Elmore Leonard, Q Tarantino vibe.”
– Mark J. Rice, J.D., Top-Rated “Super Lawyer” 

“…the most intense book for revealing the extreme…”
– Dr. Eric Goldfeder, Ph.D.

“McCall has an unbelievable ability to immerse himself and take on the role and life of a subject. …I am amazed when I read my book how he became me in his writing. …a true gift.”
– Bryan Donahue, President, Fisher House of Boston

“….a tragic tale, primal…compelling, which McCall brings to us with raw, intoxicating energy. A fearless hegira into a place and consciousness so foreign it’s difficult to believe it exists in America. A book for the brave.”
– Alexander Martin, Ph.D.; Psychotherapist

“In the world of ghostwriting, McCall is one of the best writers and project managers. If he has availability in his schedule, you better hire him for your project today. …you’ll have an outstanding, professionally-written book and it will be an easy and enjoyable process.”
– Leah Nicholson, Production and Editorial Director; BookPublishing.com

“…incredible true story … inspirational … writing is tight and crisp, never lacking in detail and richness … [a] hero story…”
– Jim Barnes, Editor; IndependentPublisher.com


“Intriguing, provocative, unpredictable. …‘Da Vinci Code’-meets-‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ … unique layering of richly-conceived characters … unforeseeable plot twists and turns, this riveting journey progresses from mystery and drama to thriller and adventure. …a tough, iconic protagonist … a world filled with dark and powerful, deadly and even fun antagonists. McCall has written one big, surprising splash of a debut novel…”
– Author Kenneth Ulmer, Ph.D.; past-President, King’s University, Los Angeles; Adjunct, Magdalene College, Oxford University, UK

“…beautiful mix of heart-stopping action and change-of-pace description…”
– Author Maryann Karinch, CEO; The Rudy Agency (Colorado)

“A wild romp… begins on low boil, then takes off like a rocket ship. …a refreshingly unique storyline that cleverly overlays the religious with a brush of secular reality. …A word of advice to McCall: sequel!”
Shane Baéz, President, CAM Artistic Management, Los Angeles

“Suspenseful and educational. McCall has stepped up the game with ‘The Christ Box’. Characters are carefully developed, action coupled with irony and complexity … dynamics include history , politics and religion… plot keeps you intrigued and focused. …writing style makes you feel as if you are there during the action… perfect read for that pastime we called a vacation.”
– Barry E. Putterman, J.D., Top Rated “Super Lawyer”

“What a great work McCall has done here. …gripping and fast paced … rich and complex …could easily be a movie.”
– Author Phil Pringle, Ph.D.; Chancellor, C3 College, Sydney, Australia

……a well-written and suspenseful thriller. …fast-paced and engaging… characters are well-developed and believable. …full of twists and turns, and the ending is satisfying. …raises some interesting questions about the nature of faith and the role of religion in our lives. …thought-provoking… A page-turner that will keep you entertained from beginning to end.”
– “Gemini”; Google’s A.I.


“What fun to read—pulls you right in. …Very cool!”
– Author Jane Mayer; Journalist, The New Yorker

…an absolute hit… capture[s] perfectly the territory that was the early Aussie Rock scene. …no mortal could control the power and passion that this [subject] brought to the Australian entertainment industry–and to life itself!”…strong, fast-paced …edgy and exciting…
Author Bob Phillips, Veteran TV Producer & Talent Agent; Australia

“…great read. Always good to hear the old stories from the past. …it will definitely sell.”
– Marc Taylor, Chief of Police, City of West Covina, California

What a showbiz rocket-ride and …roller coaster . A page turner barely describes it. …[This] deeply compelling story requires not only the smelling salts and the heart paddles, but also an ambulance! I needed something stiff just to cope with the first five pages!
– Author Craig Bennett, OAM; Renowned Journalist, Emcee, Reporter (Australia)

“…strong, fast-paced …edgy and exciting…”
– Author Maryann Karinch, CEO; The Rudy Agency (Colorado)


“…a book that argues in favor of drawing upon your deepest self to confront life’s toughest battles. A primer in both how to instill—as well as how to access—excellence, this book should be read by everyone.”
– Marion Roach Smith, Author; NPR Commentator; former Staff, New York Times

“Embracing the ideas in this book requires unselfishness and a willingness to prepare yourself so you can help others prepare. …to pay the lessons forward so the next generation wouldn’t have to experience the trials and tribulations that you did. …the principles in this book, the stories in this book, are a challenge to you and me … to make wise decisions moving forward … [and] embolden us to live out our own personal stories to the fullest.”
– LL Cool J, Actor, CBS TV’s “NCIS: Los Angeles”; Rapper; Two-time Grammy Award Winner; Kennedy Center Honoree

“…a must-read for any aspiring entrepreneur with a dream.”
Kevin Harrington, Original shark, ABC TV’s “Shark Tank”

“…terrifying… gripping tale…”
– Martha MacCallum, Anchor, “The Story”/Fox News

“Great work, McCall! I could never have done it without you.”
– Dr. Carl Giordano, M.D.; Spine Surgeon

“…a unique story. …gives the reader a front-row seat into two worlds that are otherwise rare to the majority of us. …executed with that surgical precision …a visceral and extraordinary account …done calmly, meticulously and precisely.”
– Neheda Barakat, Award-Winning Documentary Producer; TV Bureau Chief & Executive Producer; Journalist; BBC; ABC-TV/Australia; U.N.; U.S. Dept. of State

“Enthralling and inspiring. This is a page-turner with substance.”
– Charles D. Holland, J.D., Writer-Producer; “J.A.G.”; “Murder One”; “Soul Food”; “Profiler”

“…shows us a kinder way to speak … read, think, learn and be at home with this book. It will serve you as you think about these things for years to come, as these are the kinds of issues that we tend to revisit over and over.”
– Henry Cloud, Ph.D., Best-selling Author

“…speaks into the racial fatigue that blacks are feeling and the seeming lack of progress with race relations in spite of eight years of a black presidency and multiple book volumes, talks, films… Ongoing police killings of unarmed black people, racial insults raining down from the Executive Branch of the government, gentrification, redlining, voter suppression, and the ongoing trauma of being black in America … injected with humor and personal anecdotes…”
– Professor Clifton Clarke, Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary

“The book turned out great, McCall! …has your DNA all over it.”
– Robert Angel, Creator of the board game Pictionary

1) “…for people wanting wisdom in a world of conflicting messages.” And:
2) “…written from an ideological perspective–it’s the real stuff, tried and proven…”
– John C. Maxwell, Best-selling Author

“… captured many of the quirks and inner workings of the toy business in a fun, quick read. A must-read for all inventors.”
– Mark Sullivan, Senior Executive, Mattel

1) “…a book that defines the true meaning of intelligence and then uses that gift to respond to the most urgent questions people are asking today. …You’ll not want to put this book down.” And:
2) “…powerful and penetrating … a benchmark book by a dynamic scholar … inspiring and instructive.”
– Dr. Lloyd John Ogilvie, Chaplain, U.S. Senate

“The story…is legendary. If you want to know what smart, creative, and fearless marketing looks like, read [this book] now.”
– Brian Smith, Founder of UGG

“I couldn’t put [it] down, completing it in an evening. …you will be impressed by the courage, resiliency and insight of a truly remarkable person.”
– Professor Alexander R. Vaccaro, M.D., Ph.D., MBA; President, Rothman Institute

1) “This book is a winner. …practical and inspirational. You will feel the heartbeat of an artist painting pictures on your heart… Genius of an idea.” And:
2) “…one of those leaders of a rare breed who writes from the fiery furnace of experience … will change your financial life if you put them into practice. This book is a winner.”
– Frank Damazio, Ph.D., Best-selling Author

“…it’s magic to create a cultural phenomenon… aspiring entrepreneurs will learn a lot from [this] book.”
– Bob Pittman, chairman and CEO, iHeartMedia

“…confronts the toughest issues facing society today—issues that most ignore, many deny, and only a few even acknowledge. …prepare to be confronted, challenged and even changed.”
– Kenneth Ulmer, Ph.D., Author; past-President, King’s University, Los Angeles; Adjunct, Magdalene College, Oxford University, UK

“…will fascinate its readers …an event that very few people experience and even fewer survive. …frightening. …unique insight …you will both enjoy and appreciate…”
– Professor Joseph D. Zuckerman, M.D.; Author; Chief of Surgery

“…a must read for anyone with even an inkling of an idea for a product.”
– Laura Robinson, Co-creator of the board game Balderdash

“McCall’s ability…is not common… He has helped shape this material into something that I believe will greatly help the next generation of leaders.”
– Phil Pringle, Ph.D., Author; Chancellor, C3 College, Sydney, Australia

“…a personable authorial voice. …poignant, inspired and assured …transfixes the reader, resonating deeply …unable to read with[out] a catch in the throat …deeply evocative yet ultimately hopeful. …well-balanced sensitivity and striking honesty. Heart-wrenching and emotional …moments of comedy [and] relief …a well-written work worthy of attention.”
Austin Macauley Publishers, London

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