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On Borrowed Time

Published in 2012, the harrowing true story of a dying US Marine…and how he beat the same disease that took the life of American football superstar Walter Payton (no screen adaptation available at this time)…

By Bryan Donahue and M. Rutledge McCall

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The Christ Box

The Christ Box, an international mystery thriller by M. Rutledge McCall (no screen adaptation available at this time)…

“Intriguing, provocative, unpredictable. …‘Da Vinci Code’-meets-‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ … unique layering of richly-conceived characters … unforeseeable plot twists and turns, this riveting journey progresses from mystery and drama to thriller and adventure. …a tough, iconic protagonist … a world filled with dark and powerful, deadly and even fun antagonists. McCall has written one big, surprising splash of a debut novel…” – Kenneth Ulmer, Ph.D., Author; past-President, King’s University, Los Angeles; Adjunct, Magdalene College, Oxford University, UK

“What a great work McCall has done here. …gripping and fast paced … rich and complex …could easily be a movie.” – Phil Pringle, Ph.D., Author; Chancellor, C3 College, Sydney, Australia

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In Pursuit Of Jubilee

In Pursuit of Jubilee, the riveting, true story of a $100 billion oil discovery in Western Africa, and the brutal, years-long battle that ensued to try to imprison the rightful owner of his share of the find (screen adaptation available, also written by McCall)…

A great read and a thrilling ride! …a tale of dogged human aspiration, invention and the capacity to believe in the impossible. …This book is a testament to what people can achieve if their will never falters.
– Rachel Boynton, Emmy and Tribeca Film Festival-nominated, Edward R. Murrow Award-winning Director; “Our Brand is Crisis”; “P.O.V.”; “Big Men”
(Executive Produced by Brad Pitt)

To read the Prologue of this book, click here.

Shoot The Moon

Shoot The Moon, the true story of the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash and what he did in the air to insure he would walk away from the tragedy (screen adaptation available, also written by McCall)…

…terrifying… gripping tale….
– Martha MacCallum, Anchor; “The Story”/Fox News

Enthralling and inspiring. This is a page-turner with substance.”
Charles D. Holland, J.D., Writer-Producer; “J.A.G.”; “Murder One”; “Soul Food”; “Profiler”

To read the Prologue of this book, click here.

The Road To Nablus

The Road To Nablus, the mesmerizing true story of boy who escapes a refugee camp in the West Bank of Palestine and goes on to achieve the impossible (screen adaptation available, also written by McCall)…

I love this story of triumph against all odds. Lots of highs and lows. …[a] reminder of the horror unleashed onto the Palestinians…Well done, McCall!
– Neheda Barakat, Award-Winning Documentary Producer, TV Bureau Chief & Executive Producer, Journalist; BBC; ABC-TV/Australia; U.N.; U.S. Dept. of State

…a remarkable and triumphant story—and an effective counter-narrative to so much prevailing anti-immigrant sentiment.”
– Jessica Papin, Literary Agent; Dystel, Goderich & Bourret, New York

To read the Prologue of this book, click here.

Clean Break

Clean Break, a timely political thriller that feels uncomfortably real in light of the dangerously divisive politics of America today (no screen adaptation available at this time)…

Great book! Well written.”
James Elroy, FBI Special Agent (retired; investigator of some of the most infamous cases of the 20th and 21st centuries)

“Feels like ‘Homeland’-meets-‘Yellowstone’… a political scenario that seems frighteningly real. …draws you in and keeps you transfixed. …McCall (who wrote the book from Elmburg’s original story idea) paints rich, compelling word pictures. …a maddening cliffhanger.”
– Shane Baéz, President, CAM Artistic Management, Los Angeles

To read the Prologue of this book, click here.

Slipping Into Darkness

The 20th Anniversary Edition of McCall’s critically acclaimed first book, Slipping Into Darkness: A True Story From The American Ghetto (screen adaptation available, also written by McCall)…

“…‘dirty realism’ [takes] the readers to gritty places and slices of life… described unflinchingly… with a rich but clean writing style. …unanticipated personal descent into darkness. …any reader would be amazed at what [McCall was] able to accomplish without getting killed… took some guts and naïveté…”
– Dr. Wilbur J. Scott, Ph.D., Professor; US Air Force Academy, Dept. of Behavioral Sciences & Leadership

“Utterly incredible…a fascinating story…a great writer.”
– Susan Bymel, Founding Partner, Talent Entertainment Group; Founding Partner, Management 360; Producer, “Game of Thrones”

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